Reviews for "Necrorun 2.0"

Love it. So cool.

Feels just like all the other tried and true "Running" games like Canabalt, and robot unicorn just to name a few. Needs something to set it apart from the rest of them.

So essentially what we've got here is a modified Robot Unicorn Attack-type game. Now, there's not necessarily anything wrong with that. It's actually a pretty different game in a lot of aspects. In general this game has a pretty nice art style, concept and all that. Nice work.

Good job getting this game to the top! This game should have more views and this game should have W,A,S,D control. And trees really wow that isn't even a enemy. Also the tree is only a plant not the enemy. Hope this game gets better!

I liked it quite a bit. It is like robot unicorn. I like the music and I'm listening it even if I'm not playing and just browsing the net :D

Why 4/5?
Well it is like robot unicorn with new graphics and audio. That is the reason for -1
for +4, I like: Graphics, music, the game itself and the jokes.

r-macdonald responds:

You can download the music at lethegames.com