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Reviews for "Imperium War"

Increase the number of men only and BAM many wins!

This is a fun game- I like the idea of being able to buy your units as you go instead of having to unlock them at certain levels. I have only had one problem- twice, after losing a battle, the screen remains on the battlefield instead of going to the results menu. I am not sure if it is a glitch or if it is due to using Internet Explorer as my browser. Other than that, an excellent game!

the graphics are good, but rather bland play

theres a stupid bug in the game every time i get to lvl ten at the end of the lvl it wont go to the menu were you can buy more people

I like the idea of this, but it would be more neat with extra units and more levels beyond 20. Also maybe some control over the arrangement of your troops?

I found a flaw in your game: If you don't upgrade anything at all and just keep playing you can make it to level 5, the match has a chance of never ending.