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Reviews for "Imperium War"

BORING!!!! It's the most repetitive and not worth while game I've played in a while. make it so you are doing something other than just clicking it's just random results based on placement that is also random giving you no power over your army or any choice of how your army is. .5 stars

theres a stupid bug in the game every time i get to lvl ten at the end of the lvl it wont go to the menu were you can buy more people

This is a fun game- I like the idea of being able to buy your units as you go instead of having to unlock them at certain levels. I have only had one problem- twice, after losing a battle, the screen remains on the battlefield instead of going to the results menu. I am not sure if it is a glitch or if it is due to using Internet Explorer as my browser. Other than that, an excellent game!

How is this a strategy game its just move cursor to edge of screen and click? Its pointless

the graphics are good, but rather bland play