Reviews for "Aminal Crossing"

A hilarious and surprisingly accurate representation of the neighbors in every animal crossing game I've ever played. I also enjoyed the animation, although some shading would have been nice. Eh, still liked though. Keep up the good work and hope to see more in the future.

Thats me every time i try to play animal crossing, the animals are too happy >:3
thats when i hit them with my net!

I totally get it. I played Animal Crossing since gamecube and this was hilarious! I don't think the others think its that great because they don't understand. Buttttt! A series of funny shorts like this would bring back memories and would be hilarious.
Great Job.

I was just wondering. WHy did this get suh a low score? The animation is amazing and the voice acting is good too, and the idea works ife. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of shding. Other than that, keep it up.

JerrodStorm responds:

Dunno, really. Stuff just happens. I'm just glad most of the reviewers liked it. :)

ummmk not funny at all didn't make any sense try again lol