Reviews for "Aminal Crossing"

haha LOL

It was a pretty clean animation, liked your style (althought I thought some of it was off in ways of exaggeration and perspective) but like the person before said; don't use memes. They're only somewhat funny in a comic form but they don't really go far as a source of comedy entertainment. W/o the meme, I probably would have given you a 4 instead.

I liked the animation, and the music in the back brought back so many memories (though the 11 AM rendition was always my least favorite). Colors were pretty nice, voice-acting was about halfway good, not the best, but nothing terrible, either.

Sadly though I didn't really find this funny, but I enjoyed it nonetheless because of the animation, it was moving a bunch, it kept me interested.

But one little thing, don't use memes, that last part... they're not good, it will make even a clever, original writer seem uncreative. It ruined a lot of it for me, but the rest was pretty good.

bro....i love you now and sub'd to u and ur voice actor buddy....animal crossing will always be the best thing evur :)

i shall give this a great rating everytime i watch it !

This was great, it reminded me of why i hate animal crossing so much, I hope you turn it into a series.