Reviews for "Aminal Crossing"

LOL were you thinking about Gansito when you made this "Remember Me" LOLOLOLOLOL

Never played the game but OH MY GOD that was hilarious :D I like begining the most: "Hey... are you fishing :o " WHY NO REPLAY BUTTON?

JerrodStorm responds:

Yeah, I'd definitely recommend it. But if you have a 3DS, wait until the 3DS version comes out, or otherwise buy it for the original DS. It's much better when you don't have to be tied down to a console.

This was pretty entertaining, Animal Crossing was my most favorite Gamecube game ever, and this brings back so many memories of my experiences. And yeah, the meme at the end was put to good use, but didn't make ALOT funnier.

Good video i liked it. The animation wanst bad but could get some improvements, and so does the sound, although i thought that the voice acting was pretty good. The plot was funny, clean and sounded very acurrate.

You should try to make a sequel like you said.

definatly funny but I think the cow would have ben better...