Reviews for "Aminal Crossing"

awesome video make more if you can i think series would be a great idea and this is still one of my favorite good games that i enjoy one cool part is reseting gamecube time to go into any season you want on animal crossing =]

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had duck problems. Good job! But maybe stay a little farther away from the mic next time.

Animation - good.
Story - Need to work on. As a short, ok, but missing some one linners.
Voice acting - At the start when the duck came on, WAY TOO LOAD AND HIGH PICTHED, sort that out in editing, smoth the sound. You had an echo, are you recording in a bare walled room? If so just put some stuff like dovet and cushions. Really makes a different.
Work to do, but there is a lot of good things you CAN do.
I hope to see better work in the future.

In my opinion a very boring animation, no climax and a done to death meme thrown in at the end to try and get a cheap laugh. I think you should really work on your humour.
Animation was fine though.

Very funny, but a bit to short. I liked forever alone bit.