Reviews for "Aminal Crossing"

I love this. This is hilarious. The voice acting was awesome and the animation was good too c:

this was just totally pointless, which would have been fine but it wasn't funny either.

so, how are the jokes in this movie in any way related to the game? you could have applied everything you did here to anything else, and guess what, it still wouldn't have been very funny.

you didn't even give the duck the trademark animal crossing speech impediment (ie "are you fishing HONK i love fishing HONK")

in fact the only things that clue you into the fact that this is supposed to be about animal crossing are the music and the characters hat.

seriously, why did you even bother?

I don't find the look appealling. I would avoid large blocks of fully saturated colours.

JerrodStorm responds:

Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Do you mean the colors for the background are too bright? Or are you referring to the characters' color schemes?

i will not fish with you! I will not even hear of it. you are number too, and I am LOL. so no, not with you. I will not kill not daffy duck, I will not killnot on a truck....you thought....:0D

...This reminds me of my long forgotten Animal Crossing town. I need to check back and pull out all the weeds. Also awesome animation!