Reviews for "The Haunted Music Box"

creepy almost.

dont know what else to say about this one. it's a little short but other than that not bad.



i love it

Try a little reverb

Tweaked it with some reverb and it sounded even scarier!


reminds me of a music box i had when i was a kid....absolutely wonderful but you gotta fix the ending a bit...

eerie.. yet soothing

Absolutely love the song. One suggestion though. I think that if you put a little reverberation into it, it would sound even better. The reason I say this is because I loved your song so much, that I placed it as a custom song for a "witch encounter" in the game Left 4 Dead. After having to edit the file to fit the previous length of the witch original music, I added reverberation to it with an audio program and the result was amazing. Dig the haunting vibe in it. Makes me check behind myself to make sure there's no creepy 14 inch doll wielding a knife =P.