Reviews for "STARBARIANS - Episode 1"

Well Killgar and Hogstrong certainly aren't heroes. They're instead either anti-heroes or outright villain protagonists! That's not a bad thing for parodies like this. Also, Siad must be one really tough cookie. If he was human rather than an alien snake wizard, he would've died many times over from the beating the Starbarians gave him. LOL!

The best movie!

Blah blah blah. Good video.

Absolutely amazing quality and hilarious story with awesome logic! I must say you are a talented person in all of you're work I've seen thusfar. 11/10 it could pass as an adult swim series. btw where can I get that boobisauras rex?

I feel like this put many thing i like all into one i mean a freakin t rex wit tits! 100/10 my friend! :')