Reviews for "STARBARIANS - Episode 1"

Hahaha! So good! Could be on TV!

So when will I hear about the second episode?

these are the most realistic super heroes ever, they remind me of me and my best friend

Very entertaining

Another reminder here on how passion drives every step and brings success a long way as you have done here, and this is right on there with all the other positive flashes out there, So keep doing what you do because I have enjoyed this one.
The animation and character work was great the "HUMOR" was pretty good aswell, a good animation here and very good quality here nice job Maybe some improvments can be made but I will post that in that section of the review, There was a few instances here and there that can be better, Good luck on your future endeavors.

And here we go with trying to make it better then it is with a few improvments sometimes this is the hardest points of suggestion as sometimes some flashworks dont need touching but in some cases they do, so I will do my best here to pinpoint a few ideas and tips of improvment for either this and other projects, so try a few new things and let it shine. The only thing this really needs is maybe some more special effects, and maybe some added subtitles, but other then that this was great stuff.


This is the closest we'll ever get to a korgoth of barbaria cartoon, please keep making this series!