Reviews for "Knowledge is power"


This really has the potential to be one of those Newgrounds epics. Excellent style, animation, story, and pacing. Nice harmony with the music, too. Unfortunately, the message of knowledge through books wasn't very strong. The book didn't really have that big of a part in this to emphasize the message.

amazing idea

I liked this very much, the animation was super smooth. Your god character didn't go all super sayian for no reason and the music was fun.

PS. It's times like this where I wish we had special text to show empathy and emotions. Either Argmyleg is hilariousness sarcastic or a dick resist.

Very nice. I like the message and the way it's played out. The animation of the humanoid movement was exceptionally well done.

I couldn't not laugh at your comment. You'll need those books. The word you're looking for is 'challenge'

This very well may have been how we came to be. We humans received some sort of guidance from extraterrestial beings in the past. Of course, this is just a theory, but a fascinating one at that.