Reviews for "Knowledge is power"

what, so the owl guy don't care about the bear thing? what if he can't find more food and goes extinct? the stupid monkey things would then overpopulate and be worse off than before.
thats why the prime directive states that the federation will not interfere with developing worlds.

I guess I'll do as i usually do and start with something along the lines of "Nice Work" given it was pretty good. My impression was the simple message "bother to read and use your own head and all kinds of things are possible". which i then read was pretty much what you intended.. seems there's also some unique ones out there. It's funny how the attempt to help them to help themself and their dismissive nature, rather depending on the one with the ideas is so symbolic of much of what goes on in the world. but hey we're all probably guilty of that in some way. The soundtrack was cool, it really set the scene. line work was nice, definately a 'trendy' line and coloring style, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad. it seemed like the build up to the message over-powered the part where the message itself became obvious, which takes a little bit of the edge off, though i still think you did a great job demonstrating it. deserving of the front page and the awards it got in my opinion \m/

I was Like ORLY but nice animation !

That's fucking awesome. It's like he's an alien to the planet and saw potential in a species. So he decided to make that one the dominant race on the planet. Makes you think about us huh?

Very nice dood.