Reviews for "Knowledge is power"

This was aweomse. Keep upt the good work man!

Truly amazing animation. Loved the ending. I didn't see that coming.

loved it and how knowledg is power is so true.

i see this as the somewhat theory, that humankind didn't evolve on his his own, but through the knowledge of a greater being coming from the heavens.

no worries, i don't mean god, but aliens.
i've seen a lot of other movies here going in this direction, "spirit science" being my favorite, because it's a documentary, and in one episode, picks up on this point.

as for the movie, great job. nice touch leaving out any voice acting, but putting text at the end.
that emphazises the whole meaning of the message, which to understand is the point.
the music was splendid and fitted the scenario well, without distracting from the movie.

i am very keen on watching movies which are pensive and have a greater meaning behind the story that they tell, not just for the sake of entertainment.

"Wissen ist Macht." - Goethe

I had to watsh it 3 times GRATE JOB!