Reviews for "Knowledge is power"

Wow, I'm stunned this is just the kind of talent we need more of on newgrounds. I really look forward to more of your work and I must admit this just swept me off my feet. It was a unique world, a race on the brink of extinction and then from the stars an entity saves them from doom. Truly amazing stuff and I liked the part where Athenos put his knowledge into a book for them.

I look forward to the next one.

( too awesome to put into words. ) O.o
( cant speak. ) O.o

There is one thing i dont quite understand about it, why did the Salarian have Biotic abilities on par with a very powerful Asari ? other than that, great animation hope you keep it up.

And so, the Salarians culturally uplifted the Krogan, who proceeded to gO ON A RAMPAGE ACROSS THE STARS!

Poor jokes aside; great flash, animation was very pleasing to the eye and music seemed to fit really well.

Impkid responds:

Thanks for your comment bro.

"it's an educative material, made as a reading incentive for kids."

How is trying to convince everyone that aliens made people smart 'educative'?

Awesome animation, but I seriously disagree with your methods.

Impkid responds:

Who said i'm trying to convice anyone aliens made people smart?, do you know the concept of fantasy? a cartoon of a talking dog makes a kid think that they actually talk? the studies in wich i'm basing my thesis shows that that 9 year old childrens are smart enough to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Open your mind a little bit dude. It's fiction, a twist off, the objective is learning the lesson behind the FANTASY story.