Reviews for "Knowledge is power"

Brilliant! but i think it would have felt better with sound effects, and the music was a bit cheesy... but it was excellent for a two person work.

Even without speaking, you have created a masterpiece among movies. This was inspiring, enlightening, and just plain amazing. Your prowess with both animation and a wonderful music score makes this one of the best things I have seen on Newgrounds in a long time... well done.

wow they had knowlege of the angles, better than our knowlege.
they throwed it away just because it smells bad unbelieveable.

This... is... AMAZING, the way the music just like finished it and just made more epic.
You, sir, did an amazing job, keep it up you've got my support!

Impkid responds:

Thank you very much! i really appreciate your kind words.

i am powerful, i read many books.

enough jokes. very good animation with a great message. more, please?