Reviews for "Utopian Mining"

A fun little romp around with enjoyable graphics. But then I've always been a sucker for these "Dig" games.

Nukeade is just being a total downer. This game is great. Not every game has to be totally different. just because its about mining doesn't mean its a clone. also, Enemies would be retarded. If you add enemies, it would just be a shiny version of dig-dug, a game that is most likely older than nukeade himself.

It's a best game 4ever! :D

Great game , time consuming and fun , and it had a great balance between not being to easy or boring , well done sir

i love the game very nice i mostly dont like 2D games but i do like this 1 but im stuck in the game (spoilers?) im in the job with the doc. he needs wolfram WHATS WOLFRAM i cant find any thing that says about wolfram theres no such thing