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Reviews for "Utopian Mining"

I like this game a lot. It's very simple but fun, and although a little short, it's still great.
It actually reminds a game also on Newgrounds called "Scuba," which is also a favorite of mine. I see a lot of reviews saying how they like the game, and want a sequel, which I additionally wish for (pls creator), so I recommend you guys checking out Scuba. It's like this but futuristic and admittedly much more complex than this game. It has Terraria and Minecraft vibes.
Anyways, love this game, hoping for a sequel, and have a good day!

I've been a fan of this game since the day it was released. Is there anyway you'd consider expanding or sequalizing the game? The concept is enjoyable and the simplicity makes me want to keep playing and see what else I can get built into the town.

Schulles responds:

Hey, glad you enjoy it. I have been working on a part two of this game from time to time now. I am actually pretty far with it already but don't really find the time lately to finish it. If it gets published any time I will let you know. Best regards, Julian

could you do a second tome of this game its to much awsome

good game, ive finished it fast, i cant get the perfect robot medal even if i have bought to the max.

Fun game. However, to me it's just another Motherload clone.