Reviews for "Utopian Mining"

Pretty addictive...

The music is pretty good, the graphics are retro in a good way, the gameplay is simple but it doesn't get boring after a few hours.

The only bad thing is that the health meter didn't found it necessary... you can survive the game with very few health if you are careful.

Simple, fun, and time consuming (In a good way!). It's a concept that's been done before, but it's a good rehash.

Very fast, easy, and simple game. even then, you can have fun for about an hour. The easy upgrade system and the almost impossibility to be out of money makes it fun. I still think it is too short. So 4.5 Stars

Not bad at all. Short and simple game. If you focus solely on the jobs you can finish the game rather quick. It's these type of games that are addictive in some way through a need to progress. If the story had more depth by adding maybe a boss fight after retrieving the core or some other optional story stuff like additional characters it would've been awesome!

If I would make changes to this game I'd make the mini-map viewable on the side and make it more obvious to which items have already been bought in the store.

Other than a few small things, this game was great!

Honestly, this game was a game l played back when l was a child, and it truly has inspired me to become a much better and experienced gamer; honestly, it was the reason why I started playing Newgrounds; hell, why I started playing Flash games at all! The game may be simple and short, and of course eight-bit, but that's what makes it so damn charming! However, half a star is taken off due to the fact that, although this game (in my mind) is rather legendary, it IS very short and, after you buy the fourth cooling upgrade, you can just get a few diamonds and buy everything. Other than that, I couldn't have any more praise for this game.

Final Rating: 4.5 Stars