Reviews for "Utopian Mining"

eh not very original but i guess i completed it so 4.5 stars

beginning is a bit tough if you don't do the jobs. end is kinda easy once you get the upgrades. now about the game..it has good controls, it's simple, easy to learn and addictive. bit slow at beginning but picks up more you play it. graphics are pretty good.

A very well polished, balanced and enjoyable game. Thoroughly enjoyed completing the game. Came to know about this game from the flixel tutorials.
Progression of jobs, power ups and medal achievements are well balanced. The medal icons are gorgeous.
I wish the developer expands this game to become commercial success.
Thanks for the wonderful game.

good concept.
game got bugged for me, if I go past the first rock layer the robot starts to overheat no matter how advanced my gear is

I like this game a lot. It's very simple but fun, and although a little short, it's still great.
It actually reminds a game also on Newgrounds called "Scuba," which is also a favorite of mine. I see a lot of reviews saying how they like the game, and want a sequel, which I additionally wish for (pls creator), so I recommend you guys checking out Scuba. It's like this but futuristic and admittedly much more complex than this game. It has Terraria and Minecraft vibes.
Anyways, love this game, hoping for a sequel, and have a good day!