Reviews for "Utopian Mining"

cool and fun game

Fun game. Gets a bit frustrating at first but once you figure out the routine it's pretty fun.

Nice work !

This is pretty decent, and while I won't scream "MOTHERLOAD RIPOFF", it's pretty disappointing that after so many years since the original, none of the similar games in the genre (resisting the use of "copycat" here) can match it in terms of detail, mechanics and fun.

It's cool if you want to stick to the simple pixel-y graphics theme, but you could have put in so much more in terms of content.

its great thoug it does get old after 1 hour of playing

The game looks very much like another mining type game I've played before except this one is sprite based and has a different way of doing jobs. None of that makes this a bad game. In fact it is very well done from what I have played of it so far (up to first iron job). It has a very crisp and organized presentation and its ultimate goal of rebuilding a town is a great way to tie in all of the jobs.