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Reviews for "Utopian Mining"



Reminds me of Motherload. Fun and addicting. Bit too easy after the green stuff collection job. Btw loved the Futurama reference. Got u from 4.5 stars to 5 lol. Two of those characters looked a lot like Fry except one was a girl...

Not bad, but nothing new when compared to other mining games. Exactly the same upgrade systems, almost identical gameplay etc. On its own, not a bad game but loads of room for improvement;

Moar music pls, the tunes got a bit grating after a while
Moar character interaction - a little bit of immersion would be easy to do and go a long way
A trickier suggestion is adjusting the balance of affordable equipment, performance of available equipment and pacing - after the first wall I had a mostly top level robot and breezed through the game, which left me disappointed - I'd been hoping for more stuff to go down in the lower levels.

Cave ins, random buried objects, maybe denizens of the dark underground if added would make the game more exciting and replayable.

Love, K

Too short once you get the diamond things but it was amazing

Just beat it, loved every second of it. please make a second! it would be amazing.
12/5 stars.