Reviews for "Utopian Mining"

Wow very cool game, I wish it could be more long and defiant, with more variety of quests

Nice game, kept me entertained, but its way too easy, I finished it in just under two hours, having dug up the core in my possesion two quests ahead of time.
All you do is make some deep shaft mines and graze the deepest part you can safely get to, try to skip as many upgrade levels as possible, I never bought any upgrades under 2500 except for the hull.
This makes it sound like a boring levelgrinding game, but fortunately, the goals in the quest and limited storage capacity kept me wanting to finish 'Just one more quest' before going on to do something useful with my night.
Maybe some more levels of upgrade, and a smaller leap between the last two(the 2500 coolant gets you halfway there and the best goes all the way, for example) some hidden archeological sites or that sort of variation and you'd have a five star game on your hands.

Good quick game easily completed would be cool if there was more to do in game, maybe make it a little more challenging or perhaps both.

I finished this game for less than 8 hours! I'm not saying it's a bad game, but it is really easy to win this game if you know how to do stuff. I would recommend this game for people who cannot do much action on the PC.

A very nice digging game, although I found it a bit too short and too easy. I finished it in my first sitting, in about an hour. At first it was actually quite hard, but it's basically the same as with other mining games - just dig to the max depth (before taking damage), pick up the best ores (iron at the beginning) and go sell them. After the first upgrade (which for me was the hull for $500), the game got really, really easy, especially if you don't buy the next available upgrades but save a bit to buy some better (so you don't lose money for the previous upgrade).