Reviews for "Miss Kitty Sees You"

simply amazing i never saw this because it looked weak but now that ive seen it im now a definete fan

In all honesty I wasn't coming into this flash thinking I'd like it, but I do. Simple subtle imagery and smooth animation really gave this the potential for projected depth and beauty. Bravo.

First of all, "how well you can draw" is completely subjective. You have a unique style. So you're no Da Vinci or Rembrandt. More contemporarily well-known is Picasso, and look at his work...

Secondly, now I know why I have such little talent; evil people like yourself hog it all. Seriously, you draw, animate, voice act, have a great imagination for script and storyline, plot (or comical lack-there-of), and character creation and development, oh... and now you can sing? And not just sing, I mean REALLY sing!


Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

Fun fact, Picasso was very practiced in realism, it's the only reason he was able to, you know, eat food, back in the day. He knew folk wouldn't be ready for his weird stuff. Though nowadays folk don't even know about hes realistic stuff, so yer logic is sound^^.

It becomes easy to hone ones skills if you decide not to date.

Dem Furries

Do me a Solid Man, Keep doing what your doing.