Reviews for "Miss Kitty Sees You"

You know... This is another one of those where 5/5 feels... Less than it's worth, if you know what I mean.
By my standards, I would rate this 'til the end of days, along with all your other works.
Hope you are proud of your work, because I sure am.

Breathtaking.That's what this is,and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.I could have sworn I was in the far-off countryside on a summer's night basking in the light of the moon and the stars while being caressed by gentle winds and blanketed with the serenity and majesty of Mother Nature herself.One big reason I love listening to music is the fact I can hear the heart of the singer as they unleash their vocal talent,and it was no different with Miss Kitty.If only all music videos were this touching.

love her voice!!! <3


That was lovely. ~<3