Reviews for "Contra with Two Players"

Well, that was pretty interesting!

I'm usually not the biggest fan of parodies, but the animation was incredible. It was simple, cleanly-drawn, and nicely-colored. Had a very appealing frame-rate and overall look to it. I especially loved the backgrounds though, they looked REALLY nice. Audio choice could've been better, but it wasn't a big deal.

My only issue with this is that it had a very short running-time, I was so disappointed to see it end so fast. But overall it had some great animation while it lasted.

Nice job.

My cat always does this. WHY DO ANIMALS SUCK AT VIDEO GAMES? God...

The same holds true to playing metal slug with a friend, ugh....

Well done! Ya, the dog sounds threw me off

I didn't even wonder about the dog sounds player 2 was making until the end. That was brilliant.