Reviews for "Contra with Two Players"

Wow, sooo true! You should have put in the cheat code for 30 lives. lol

dam that game looks awesome what game was that!!

nice tribute/animation of the nintendo legend man!!

1 things for sure
if that dog didnt took your life you would have passed level 2
because only skilled players can pass level 2 dude

this will be one of the funniest contra animation in newgrounds

Though I never played this sort of game, I can tell that's some sort of feature of the game. Voice acting was well, and the animation was smooth and made with great quality. I liked it, well done.

awsome!! i was wondering why that dude was making dog sounds. i loved the look damn how did the code go up down left right a b select start or somthing like that remember the little tribute the put in mgs. havent play contra since the rom i had. i regret selling my old nintendo games. still got zelda lol.