Reviews for "Link's Quest For Ass"


This was the coolest man, make a third, even though this is the first, MAKE A THIRD ANYWAY.


what would happen when zelda is missing. And everybody you meet is horny ?
THIS WILL HAPPEN just the best zelda flash ever made this will be loved by everybody

Best Zelda Spoof yet!!

The Links quest for ass 1 and 2 are by far the funniest "ZELDA" flash's i've seen. I cannot wait for more to come, and hope they do make more. :)

tha shit

this series is the shit. make one about megaman or sumthin like dat.

Very impressive mimic of Zelda

Well, I'm personally not into the dirty humor, but everything else about this little ditty was excellent. The crossover of characters was very well done, and the authentic music was definately a nice plus.