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Reviews for "Ivan vs Mutants : CE"

Very solid. Great animation. Great entertainment value. Could definitely see myself getting "hooked" on this game.

Gawd, my name IS Ivan... :o Good game though.

If the character would not constantly get stuck in fences (of the 3rd Level), I would continue playing.
That and the upgrades are kind of expensive and grinding fer money is boring.

Great game just too slow? (sticky seems to fit the script) if it were a little bit more fluid with the movement and weapons it would be better, overall idea/concept is a favorite of mine just cant seem to keep my attention on it. good job! :D

Just a few things: My char feels like, he ate too much & got a little bit too much beer: Slow walking & sometimes staggering. Some enemies just wanna see the world burn - just kidding: I see them at my radar, but they're not spawned right now. So you sometimes run directly into them. Also they sometimes get stuck, so they seem to only wait for me to kill them (mostly happens at the end of a wave) or you run into them, because they're behind a angle of the wall, you can't see. Also the weapon-upgrades are a bit too expensive. Maybe i'm wrong and if so, you should think over & maybe disable the weapons until a specific level was reached. So you know: At this level, i can purchase this weapon/upgrade. Last but not least: The playfield: For me, a bit tiny. I barely can see a few enemies and if i see them, i have to start running backwards. Not always the best idea, because some hungry mutants are waiting to see & munch me ;). All in all at this stake: 3/5. I hope, you can improve the game - would be a burner.