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Reviews for "Fazbear Necessities FNAF"

I was expecting him to hear screams of kids as he eats them... what is wrong with my mind?

"we have a captive audience"
this line got me lol. fun, catchy lyrics!

very nice at the ~1:20 mark. well done!

Sad Limewedge didn't get the point. They are only hostile at NIGHT.

The lyrics are nice and fun to see the voice was distorted for a more robotic feel to it. Had a giggle how it went from silly parody pizzeria style song to Freddy singing how he was going to drop into the room and all. Fantastic way to end the short piece. <3

I didn't like this, or think it was even remotely funny.

If you meant it to sound "forced", it seems like you forgot to make that intention obvious. The animatronics themselves are quite sinister, and this track doesn't really gel with that at all.

You've basically taken two songs you didn't create, wrote some lyrics whose syllables don't match the songs, and recorded several people singing them with obvious discomfort.

This is a perfect audio for a comedy, seriously! Full Stars!