Reviews for "Minecraft Fail"

A Classic from The Internet.

Oh man my fucking sides, the way you took the very first line straight from one of Spazkid's videos, oh man here come the wacky maymay faces haha its like the y u no and ffffffffuuuuuu me gusta haha wacky voices too woah like I just had to stop watching cause I couldn't fucking contain my self and z0mfg the genius title too epic FAIL roflcopter.
Masterful voice acting by the way you know I just felt the pure emotion come crashing through.
Some really hilarious observations that no-one has ever made before either. I like the weak attempt at shock humour and then the KEEP WATCHING flashes on the screen so I know to watch as the creeper blows up in revenge for the absolute shame of being raped, that made it so much better a shining beacon of light in a dark grim world, I felt the redemption, I felt as if the 1,400 victims of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal went out with machettes and stabbed all the pakistani taxi drivers to death.
I won't forget to subscribe to your youtube channel too since you told me 5 times cause fuck jewgrounds right I bet you could make a killing with ad revenue, I had a look cause you don't post shit on here anymore obviously and you're STILL dragging on MLG "humor", comedic timing, punchlines and original jokes are just irrelevant nowadays.
Absolute master of wit and I'm waiting eagerly for what masterful talent you grace this world with next.

better love story than twilight

Classic! XD

This is a classic.