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Reviews for "XPEED Unleashed"

Imagine being in a vehicle that is going 200mph and only has a control stick for left and right control, and an accelerator pedal. That's this game in a nutshell. There's potential for it, but the creators would need to go back to the drawing board and re-think how a racing game works.

keilyn3d responds:

Thanks for your score, I had think that but, In the air you can't brake.

ok track one arcade time 5:19:014...wow for the first track , seems a little long but that's personal opion few bugs ie. take off some of the jumps you will just randomly fly about for a minute

good game reminds me of wipeout

Good gameplay, nice music. I think there needs to be more, like power ups. But it's pretty decent. :D

i really really like this game concept!
I would love to see some power ups added for gameplay, perhaps a flight power up, speed booster, maybe a gun or missle power up.

I really like the graphics as well, the only thing that could be improved in my mind is more going on around the track but I honestly like the floating in space feel to it as well.
Great game