Reviews for "Banished A"

Sick i loved it- RIP LuccasBode, his part was really good. This was the best Banished Collab out of all of them, well it was a bit expected cuz this is made by pros. AWESOME ANIMATION 5/5!

TeamXHawk responds:

Yea, it really was. I'm very disappointed about the score, but, oh, well.. we got two more pro collabs coming up. ;)

Amazing collab , i really really liked it , so

Rest in peace LuccasBode , you was the best stepbrother ever ;(

i give that pink guy a snipers salute for being so damn sneaky he didnt have to do anything he snook around and got to the objective. very well made movie to

love the 3d one well done make me wana make my owen

man this video is awesome and i think thay should make a real movie of this it would be cool:D