Reviews for "Nan Creatures"

why did you make money and exp come so slowly? i don't mind a grind if it's fun but if the grind involves pure repetition.. then it's TRULY a grind and poor game design.

This game is ridiculous by ALL standards of being called a...'game', since there is so much hoop jumping that it's not even fun.

Lets review it, shall we?

The game requires me to log onto another site (which is common practice by many other peeps) but inorder for me to get a 'full' team of 3 monsters, with which to start the game and have a fighting chance without grinding by the end of the first Tourney, I need to sign via Facebook onto your other site.

This is stupid and extremely underhanded to say the least. You're forcing me sign up not only to save my progress and amount of money I make (with a Spammy message after each match to add) but also to get a 'full' team, which should have been full in the first place, and to add insult, my Facebook account of ALL THINGS!

Related to my previous point, the difficulty is all over the place, this isn't helped that sometimes enemy pump up their damage output to insane levels before pummeling me, and this is in the first Tourney!

Not to mention, this isn't helped by the lack of control you have on the combat, where I could literally spend and entire turn just defending or healing when I could have given that coup-de-grace to my enemies. This in turn forces the match to drag on and on, which is never ideal for a flash game since there is no progression at this point.

Randomized battle moves where never a good idea, there is a reason Pokemon is well known and liked and games like these die off in a couple of days at best.

Thirdly, MONEY! I need money for everything, from buying stuff, to upgrading, to even UNLOCKING TOURNAMENT RANKS! Are you fething serious? I need to unlock everything with money (which related to my first point) makes me grind every small thing just so I can make ends meet without struggling in the matches, which are made worse with the randomized battle system AND gimped start unless I sign with the other site.

Enough is enough, what you have made is the perfect example of a cocktail that is so volatile and explosive that it literally will explode if I as much as touch it. I start off with a gimped team, which requires me through Facebook, to join another site, in a game where everything needs money and is expensive, with a Randomized battle system, on which I have not direct control.

I don't know what to say, other then looks and the music, the games has next to zero going for it, these is just TOO much going against the player to make it fun.

I found this game kind of addictive and started playing it
After a few hours I was lvl 8 and trying the second world 6th combat
You get 3 lvl 7 monsters throwing multiple immunity each turns after turns, making them invincible, even to the dispel sort. And you only get this sort way after lvl 15 it seems...
Discouraging :(

This game is nice to play and all. I'm not going to log on another sites to ease my gaming, but that doesn't concern nor disturb me.

What concerns me is it doesn't save! I'm not intending to play this game all day long just to finish campaign or, if I'm not interested in playing the same game for hours and hours, start it over and over again! It wouldn't matter if this game was the biggest masterpiece of all time, the first 10 levels or so after which I'd like to take a longer break become dull. What if I don't want to play it through today? I'm not going to leave this game on for half a week or whatever time it requires for me to pass it.

the battle controls need work, sometimes i have to go many turn without being able to attack, make it th same controls every turn, just 1 set of options that r not picked t random, the same options very time, and the bestiary is to messed up to make sence, but a good thing is the graphics and sound, and like another review said, make it so we don't have to sign up to another site to save, for this game i give 1 star