Reviews for "Nan Creatures"

Nice, thought out game. even with the tutorial the whole thing was confusing.
Animation was nice. Would be good if the person could customise their monsters, insteead of buying them.
Also, everything is far to expensive. as if the game requires you to sign up for a decent amount of money.
Nice though.

GamesNan responds:

As you advance through the game, you will get more credits per fight, so most of the times you won't need to grind to have the best upgrades / actions for your level. Thank you for your suggestions, we will have them in mind for future updates and / or other projects. Also, thanks for playing!

A revamp of old Maganic Wars style. It's not really an issue to save, just need to log on developer's site. The game's free as well, so it sure can be presented on NG.
I only think that it doesn't contribute much new to the whole 'Maganic Wars' style. Customisable abilities were already introduced, there was even much more in Maganic Wars, such as items or classes. It is true though, that you can have more than one fighter.
But that's all. The game's pretty decent and supports external portals much - free creature on Facebook like, saves when signed up - it's pretty bothersome and doesn't really help the game itself, but I don't mind. Just keep it free and improve it - it sure lacks polish and innovation aside the 'monsters battling', but even that lacks originality, nowadays :)

sorta boring but i like it

pretty cool game, too much for me tho

It's entertaining. I should note that poison is bugged and doesn't apply to enemies, but do apply to player's creatures.