Reviews for "Nan Creatures"

this is a pretty nice game good graphics i like it

There seems to be a surge of pokemon style flash games on Newgrounds lately. This game doesn't seem to bring anything new to the table, but it's not bad.

I found this game to be entertaining, but not for a lengthy ammount of time. The gameplay was confusing and pointless, and i didn't like the battles as it would seem the choice pattern was picked as random, leaving me with no option to actually attack in any way for several rounds. Having said that, I liked the sprites you have used, and the beastery was well structured, just not explained. I think this game has a lot of potential, and you could make more of it.

Rated 3 / 5 stars
he is completely right. lots of people feel uneasy when asked to talk about themselves or give up any information at all. this game has the makings of a grate game, hell I would play this on my DS. if you would like maybe you could make a free vrsn. and a pay vrsn. I recall playing a game called TRAVIN that had that attachment. the idea was that anyone could play but if you payed to play you waould start the game with more money, your town would have in extra shop in it and you got the ability to upgrade your equipment. just think about it.

A revamp of old Maganic Wars style. It's not really an issue to save, just need to log on developer's site. The game's free as well, so it sure can be presented on NG.
I only think that it doesn't contribute much new to the whole 'Maganic Wars' style. Customisable abilities were already introduced, there was even much more in Maganic Wars, such as items or classes. It is true though, that you can have more than one fighter.
But that's all. The game's pretty decent and supports external portals much - free creature on Facebook like, saves when signed up - it's pretty bothersome and doesn't really help the game itself, but I don't mind. Just keep it free and improve it - it sure lacks polish and innovation aside the 'monsters battling', but even that lacks originality, nowadays :)