Reviews for "Nan Creatures"

Evovle way to slow, you have to replay levels in order to be able to keep up with the enemy, to much luck involved, because sometimes, I spend a lot of turns without having SP, and the enemy gets enough to summon two creatures before I can summon 1.
And biggest problem of ALL: IT DOES NOUT SAVE!

Good music, sound and graphics though.

Played for 2 hours, log off and come back later to find this crap doesn't save on Newgrounds!?
Anything good I could have said about this game is destroyed thanks to that

why did you make money and exp come so slowly? i don't mind a grind if it's fun but if the grind involves pure repetition.. then it's TRULY a grind and poor game design.

Not too good.
Its obvious that this game is one of those copies of pokemon and other games as such, but really. You can't buy anything because you get money and XP waaayy too slow. I mean come on, I even try to get the free character using facebook and even that doesnt work. I hate that you have to be a certain level to get an upgrade, and the moves are much too random. For example, on the move that I need health or defence, it gives me all attack options, etc. Also, I don't understand why there are several moves for the same type of thing. You should just be able to do everything in one move, aka have the same options every turn. When you have 4 options that are only basic attack with one that sais 18, 20, 25, and 30, its obvious im gonna chose the highest one. You should just have 30. Otherwise graphics and attack moves look good, but gameplay, not so much.

Amazing Concept with poor tuning.

The good:
Graphics sound, animation are all great. The core mechanics are also sound. Each creature has a set of abilities that unlock giving them flexibility. The powers are like a deck of which only 4 at a time are shown. The AI works well (almost too well) and the game is generally playable.

The bad:
In short : This game is grind. Pure grind.
The deck sounds like a good idea, but money and experience come too slowly and the level restrictions and costs are too high.

The dificulty progression at first seems ok, as the first battly is agaings a trivial foe and the second against an equal force. The third seemed mostly unwinable (as we now face a superior force). This seems ok, but then I notice that I dont have enough money to do anything! This is a huge problem. The game literally stops me and says "repeat to win".

Grind needs to be a choice. If a level needs to be repeated it need to be because I either: need to master a skill to progress, or I am choosing to go back to save fore something big (i.e I choose not to upgrade something small).

How to fix this:
Option 1: make the minimum number of skills 6 (instead of 12), Now a master player couild build a pure healer and a pure damage dealer.
Option 2: Increase experience and gold earned by x5, Now I get something every fight. This makes each fight a reward. Presently, each fight is work.
Option 3: Give the AI fixed "boss" patterns. Random vs random is ok but some battle feel like protracted healing fests when the random generator dosn't through enough attacks your way, or the enemies just seem to be in heal-n-buff mode.

In an MMO like World of Warcraft, grind is made enjoyable because of the other players and fights being always difficult enough for me to think that I need to get better (not just buy better). This game being single person casual needs more reward. Each battle is great the first two times, but the next 3 times where yop've won, know you will win again, and you are going through the motions so you can beat the next fight makes it feel like a bad slot machine.

Looking forward to an updated version!!