Reviews for "Nan Creatures"

A masterpiece brought to its knees by greed.

Awesome graphics, great gameplay, sweet RPG elements, cool creatures, interesting battle mechanics. It even has sound controls, which is a must these days. This game has all the elements of an epic flash game. I played it twice, and may not play it again. Why not play such a great game over and over? Quite simple: I cannot save my progress, unless I give up my info. Really? I must register in order to save my progress? That's too bad, because if it comes to all or nothing, then it's nothing. It's not really free if I have to give up my info, is it?

Other than that, this game is a winner. A 5-star game brought down to 3. Too bad I won't be playing it (unless we can store our progress in our own PCs, without registering). Change that, and I'll be a die-hard fan. =)

I found this game to be entertaining, but not for a lengthy ammount of time. The gameplay was confusing and pointless, and i didn't like the battles as it would seem the choice pattern was picked as random, leaving me with no option to actually attack in any way for several rounds. Having said that, I liked the sprites you have used, and the beastery was well structured, just not explained. I think this game has a lot of potential, and you could make more of it.

It's entertaining. I should note that poison is bugged and doesn't apply to enemies, but do apply to player's creatures.

Wow!! This game is so cool!
This is my type of game! I really like battlegames because it's like your like the strongest.. Um it's really hard to explain but yeah, This is great!

addictive yet simple. Reminds me of pokemon.