Reviews for "P vs Z"

I'm not sure what I was watching but when the shark transformed/leveled up into a dragon my mind expanded.

Story: 2.5/5
Animation: 2.5/5 (Or whatever you call that... stop motion captured cutouts? Veguely reminiscent of South Park Episode 1. I am grading your score for this in comparison to that first episode.): - This is like something you would see on KaBLAM, the old Nickelodeon show.
Sound: 3/5 I wasn't a fan of some of the choices, but at least you HAD choices, which is more than most can say.

You could have done better with your transitions. This is nowhere near the quality of or as hilarious as Furby Murder Mansion. It didn't capture my attention right away. The first part alone made me want to switch videos.

As I said before this doesn't quite meet the quality of Furby Murder Mansion, that being said I also didn't know that you too are the author of Furby Murder Mansion until I checked your profile. I can safely assume that you save your "talents" for the end with your shock endings, but it's a bit gimmicky like Shyamalan's twist endings or Michael Bay's explosions-effects-as-plot. Also, while the punch line isn't strung out in this, you do leave the viewer bored for the first half of the video.

Overall, I give you a 2.7/5. Don't let this review discourage you, I find the world lacks in this art style and you have the potential to become a well known artist in it.

Its a good start, very class-projecty. It's ok for what it is I suppose. The lighting definitely needs to be better cause a lot of the scenes were too dark/muddy.

All I see is a blinking "P vs Z" D: