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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

Whew, finished to the end. Felt like the cool menu wasn't really worth getting every achievement over. I thought it was fun enough to play to the end, but was disappointed with the simple end screen. Thanks for the upload.

I enjoyed this game immensely and hope you make a sequel. If you do however I would imagine the laser easily destroying missiles it touched instead of being sharpshooter accurate by clicking directly on them.

Ha! Take that, you puny humans! You're about to become extinct!

Really nice game and addictive. Cool graphics: different backgrounds, perspective, shadows and stuf.
But once you beat puny humans, there should be "survival" mode.

Good Game, although this looks and has similar concepts to Mass Effect 3.
4 stars.

what do i think that the only way to make this game better is if there was an option the control a Reaper??