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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"


I enjoyed this game immensely and hope you make a sequel. If you do however I would imagine the laser easily destroying missiles it touched instead of being sharpshooter accurate by clicking directly on them.

Ha! Take that, you puny humans! You're about to become extinct!

Really nice game and addictive. Cool graphics: different backgrounds, perspective, shadows and stuf.
But once you beat puny humans, there should be "survival" mode.

This is a great game and it is really addictive. I personally found the game easy to complete, but it was filled with moments that I thought i was going to fail. There are a few bugs, such as the game not loading the next level after exiting the upgrade menu (simply restart the level from the pause menu to fix this), or being stuck with the main menu background after exiting the upgrade shop from the level select menu. It's really fun, despite the bugs I found.

It might be better if it was defeating or escaping from the tripod