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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

destroyalord7 must be too young to have heard of war of the worlds. Very, very cool game.

Really good game man. I love the Level Up system and the Music, and the art is really good too. I wish there were more weapons and the ability to destroy the environment for Points as well though. Also, change the cursor to something more fitting to the overall motif. Keep it up.

"But would be cool to be able to fight of the tripods to, as a human. Will their be a part 2?"
What would be the point of that? It would be a completely different game.

All achievements unlocked, had a blast going through all 15 levels. This was a great romp after a shitty day at work!

The progression is a bit formulaic, but there's nothing wrong with tried and true. And just after you think you've had the most chaotic blow-up action the game had to offer, the "Cool Menu" feature comes along an applies even more goodness. Very replayable for those times where you just need to blow things up and make hordes bleed.


dude this was awesome!!!!!! all achievements This game is the shit dude! (:

It's like The War of The Worlds