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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

Wow, this is really addictive! I love the detail you've done with this, it's absolutely supurb: the way you shoot the projectiles, the soldiers moving backwards the way their supposed to, it's absolutely great! Plus the music makes me feel like me, the aliens, are actually an unstoppable force just wandering through and annihilating the world of man. Plus the upgrades are very nice, too... and the little bonuses for all of the chivos, me likey. Especially the omg, wtf face: that just finished it off perfectly. excellent work!

just awesome

Nothing like bringing Armageddon to the inhabitants of earth. Where did you get a hold of our invasion plans? I don't recall you being at the meetings...

Awesome game!

@noamfer for that "MAD KILLER" achiev i ignored the trucks near the end where the heli's come at you, just focus on everything else and dont target the trucks,if your shield is upgraded 100% you wont have any problems

This game is just amazing. No words can explain how awesome it is.