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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

Not bad. the graphics where good and the game play straightforward. well done over all. eh...music kind wore on my after awhile however.

Way too hard, I died in the third day already. I tried to conserve ray energy but it runs out so fast!

I can't even play. Just loads the "Victory" screen and asks me if I want to continue, restart, or some other crap. Clicking anything just brings up multiple menus loaded over each other, and the only thing I can click from there is Back which just makes the screen go black, save for the "Victory" background image, and from there, nothing.
What the hell?
2.5 stars because it's unfair to give less when I haven't played, but only 2.5 cause I can't even play!

Really nice graphically. Simple but fun game. Unfortunately full of bugs. Often ended up having to refresh screen to make continuing possible. Not what a finished product should be.

Nice game! Could have done with a few diffrent attacks or weapons and trying to hit enemy missiles is not only counter productive as they fire too many too often but also too difficult as they're too small and too fast. Nicely animated mech although would have been nice to have some control over it's movement. 2 stars :D