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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

awesome game

Smooth game, good growth curve as the levels progress. It is a shame that all this effort was put into the graphics and I'm still staring at my mouse cursor. No crosshairs or alien targeting? And the completion screen - yawn. A little more polish and you've got the genre nailed. Keep it up.

The achievements were nicely challenging, you get 4 good stars for being a lil' creative, putting effort and making a fun game. I'd give you 5 or 4.5 but I reserve those for epicly epic games of epic manners... Privet bratic :)

This is fun but awful buggy. I'll beat a level, I'll have to replay it anymore; using the upgrade screen from the main menu doesn't let you get back to the game when you're done (you're left alone with the walking tripod background and no controls except sound) and when I beat a level I have to go to "exit" and then continue from the main menu because it doesn't continue automatically.

With all that said, it's still nice that somebody other than me liked "War of the Worlds."

what nerves me is after i recharged something like shield or ray i dont have any recovery for the shield or the ray
after recovery why at least 50% ray or shield arent regenerated? that way the recharged shield becomes useless if nothing is recovered

but good game anyway