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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

Smooth game, good growth curve as the levels progress. It is a shame that all this effort was put into the graphics and I'm still staring at my mouse cursor. No crosshairs or alien targeting? And the completion screen - yawn. A little more polish and you've got the genre nailed. Keep it up.

Quit a interesting game. Really good upgrade and some neat challenges here and there.
But would be cool to be able to fight of the tripods to, as a human. Will their be a part 2?

The achievements were nicely challenging, you get 4 good stars for being a lil' creative, putting effort and making a fun game. I'd give you 5 or 4.5 but I reserve those for epicly epic games of epic manners... Privet bratic :)

Note that you can burn projectiles too.
playing on ultra 240 fps. nice graphics for a game u find here.

the gameplay was repetitive but i liked it.
i lvoe upgrade systems. but u could have more intresting upgrades of course.
the most repitive was the damn music

ok english is my 3rd

a lil to simple but i still love it