Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

destroyalord7 must be too young to have heard of war of the worlds. Very, very cool game.

Creative, achievements are tough. level up system is great, units are good they really bring out the U.S military. Great time waster for about an hour. Keep it up.

One of the flash games I've ever played. Don't change a thing!

this game is awesome the tripod machine is from a movie i know the movie is called war of the worlds but i guess you dont care bu anyway

All things told, this was a really good game. A nice blend of challenge and killing all humans.

Difficulty progression is solid without making it feel like you need to grind in order to beat any single level; by the time you've gotten to Level 15, you should have just about every worthwhile upgrade anyways. Naturally, you're going to want to go for damage immediately, but otherwise "Shield Recharge" and "Shield Capacity" might be your most important upgrades, followed closely by "Ray Capacity".

The only thing that I might say I'm indifferent to are the options in the provided "cool menu" as they basically take any challenge out of the game, and seeing that you need all fifteen achievements to unlock it anyways, the reward seems pretty middling. Even without that, though, the game is really solidly built.