Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

Fix the bugs

Awesome Game!!! and sooooo adictive!!! I loved LOL in the cool menu. Nice surprise

Fantastic game here!
only problem is that there are bugs and that i keep losing my progress. fix it
5/5 10/10
fantastic work here

I didn't have much problem with bugs, but I did get quite a lot of lags, even when I reduced the graphics to nothing.

I would like to add that the "MAD KILLER" achievement is quite fucking hard to get, it's the last one I have and I just don't manage, I always exceed to 2:18 and then rage.

Other than those it's an awesome game.

Ha! Take that, you puny humans! You're about to become extinct!

Really nice game and addictive. Cool graphics: different backgrounds, perspective, shadows and stuf.
But once you beat puny humans, there should be "survival" mode.