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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

what nerves me is after i recharged something like shield or ray i dont have any recovery for the shield or the ray
after recovery why at least 50% ray or shield arent regenerated? that way the recharged shield becomes useless if nothing is recovered

but good game anyway

There were some iffy moments when the game would freeze, but it was easy to fix and I didn't lose any information, so it didn't really bother me. Some parts seemed hard trying to push through, but it was easy and quick enough to beat, so I feel the difficulty was pretty good. Not too hard to make a person extremely frustrated, but not too easy that it poses absolutely no challenge.
Overall, it was really fun. It's a great game to play if you only have a little bit of time (like between classes or something). I also like how you play as the alien, not a human trying to kill a bunch of aliens. :D
The appearance was also extremely good, I thought. I particularly enjoyed the look of the game and how it was set up.

Way too hard, I died in the third day already. I tried to conserve ray energy but it runs out so fast!

@noamfer for that "MAD KILLER" achiev i ignored the trucks near the end where the heli's come at you, just focus on everything else and dont target the trucks,if your shield is upgraded 100% you wont have any problems

This is a great game and it is really addictive. I personally found the game easy to complete, but it was filled with moments that I thought i was going to fail. There are a few bugs, such as the game not loading the next level after exiting the upgrade menu (simply restart the level from the pause menu to fix this), or being stuck with the main menu background after exiting the upgrade shop from the level select menu. It's really fun, despite the bugs I found.