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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

Graphics are very impressive,sound and music were very good but the difficulty was hardly challenging

I do give you props for thankfully adding some boss fights,migs and I gtta love going against those EMP tanks

Cool menu was hardly worth it as it just unlocks bonus dmg,health and enemies

this game is awesome the tripod machine is from a movie i know the movie is called war of the worlds but i guess you dont care bu anyway

Nice game!
Tough enemies I like this game!!

Note that you can burn projectiles too.
playing on ultra 240 fps. nice graphics for a game u find here.

the gameplay was repetitive but i liked it.
i lvoe upgrade systems. but u could have more intresting upgrades of course.
the most repitive was the damn music

ok english is my 3rd

A modern twist on the classic war of the worlds...I like it!